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What you are saying: Patient feedback

Thank you for sharing; we are listening!
For the past ten years we have been asking about your experiences at BC Women’s and for your ideas to help us improve our services.
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​Thank you to the 1,596 patients who completed our recent Patient Experience Survey. All out-patients across BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre in October 2018 were invited to fill in the survey.

Where we are doing well:
  • You said you were treated with courtesy and respect
  • You liked your communication with your care team:
    • We understood your main health concerns
    • You were able to ask questions
    • We spent enough time with you
    • We checked your understanding of your health concerns
    • You were included in decision-making about your care
  • You felt supported by the care team
  • You have trust in the care team who look after you
Where we need to improve:
  • You want to be seen closer to your appointment time
  • It is hard to get through to some clinics by phone
  • It is hard to find your way around the hospital
We have summarized the themes from the survey below, with the aim to include your suggestions for improvement into current and future plans to improve service.

Themes from the survey:

You told us: You are happy with how the health care team works and communicates with you. You felt respected and listened to. The care team spent enough time with you, and included you in decisions about your care. They understood your main health concerns and gave you opportunities to ask questions. 

What we are doing: We shared the survey results with all staff. We will continue to monitor the quality of services by speaking with patients and asking them for feedback by completing patient experience cards. Health care team members are committed to improving communication with patients. 

What you can do: Continue to provide feedback to us. Let your care team know how they can support you in your health and wellbeing. We want to partner with you as your health care plan is made, so come to the appointment with questions or suggestions in writing so you don’t forget to ask.
You told us:  We heard that sometimes you have difficulty getting through to us on the phone. Some of you said that your calls were not answered quickly; or that you wanted to speak to someone instead of leaving a message.

What we are doing: Our phone lines are often busy which is frustrating for you. We appreciate your patience. Based on patient feedback we received last year, we reviewed all of our phone lines, phone trees and voicemail messages and made many improvements. This resulted in an increase in our phone responsiveness score by 7%! We are continuing to look for ways to make further improvements. 

What you can do: The phone lines are usually busiest first thing in the morning, especially at the beginning of the week. If you can wait until afternoon to phone you may get through faster. 
You told us:  Some of you said you had to wait when you arrived at BC Women’s or that you were not seen at your scheduled appointment time.

What we are doing: We understand that your time is valuable and waiting is frustrating. It is our goal to ensure scheduled clinics run on time, but sometimes unplanned events do occur. We are looking for ways to reduce wait-time.  

What you can do: Sometimes clinics run behind because patients come to their appointment late. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment – this includes time to park and find where the clinic you are visiting is located. 
You told us:  Some of you had a hard time finding your way to the clinic. 

What we are doing: BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre is large and spread out. We set up an information desk at the entrance of the Women’s Health Centre (#77) three years ago after receiving patient feedback. We are also working to improve our signage and update maps. When you book an appointment, staff will give you directions to find the clinic you are going to and also direct you to the BC Women’s Hospital website for more information.

What you can do: Look up our map before your appointment. Please feel free to stop and ask any of our staff or volunteers for directions. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment.

To speak to someone about your experiences, you can contact the PHSA Patient Care Quality Office or post a compliment on our Messages of Thanks Page

Thank you again for your feedback!

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