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Planning to Give Birth at BC Women's

If you would like to have your baby at BC Women’s Hospital, please read the following information.
Who is eligible?
Who is eligible to give birth at BC Women’s Hospital
  • Individuals who live in Vancouver
  • Patients who have previously delivered at BC Women's Hospital
  • Self-identified Indigenous people
  • Individuals with type 1 diabetes
  • All triplet pregnancies  
  • Complicated twin pregnancies
  • Patients receiving care through our Maternal Fetal Medicine service
  • BC Women's Hospital employees and/or their partners 

Note:  As with all BC maternity hospitals, patient eligibility is adjusted each year to meet changing community needs. If you have queries about your eligibility, speak to your primary care provider or referring doctor/nurse practitioner for  guidance.

Those eligible to give birth at BC Women's Hospital, visit our 'Selecting a Maternity Care Provider' webpage for details. 

Background on eligibility
BC Women’s Hospital supports over 6,000 deliveries each year, and is one of the busiest maternity care centres in Canada. We also provide the highest level of neonatal care in the province, so our hospital must retain capacity to support the most critically ill  babies.

Important note: If you are eligible for care at our hospital, your doctor or midwife will pre-register you before 32 weeks of pregnancy.
I think I meet the criteria for being accepted

Only doctors/midwives who deliver babies at BC Women’s Hospital can pre-register patients to have their baby here. Your doctor/midwife can let you know if they deliver at our hospital or not.

Your doctor/midwife sends a pre-registration form and your pregnancy records to us so that the hospital staff knows your pregnancy and medical history. This information is reviewed by BC Women’s Hospital Pre-registration Committee to determine your eligibility to give birth at our hospital.

What if I don't have medical insurance? Read about how to apply for medical insurance.


See a doctor or midwife who delivers at BC Women's Hospital

You need to see a care provider (doctor or midwife) who delivers babies at BC Women’s Hospital. Your care provider needs to pre-register you as soon as possible after 12 weeks and before 32 weeks into your pregnancy.

If you do not yet have a doctor or midwife for your pregnancy, visit Find a Maternity Care Provider.

2What do I need to do?

  • complete the top part of the pre-registration form that your doctor/midwife gives you
  • ensure that you complete all sections marked with an asterisk (*) to make sure it is processed quickly
  • return it to your doctor/midwife as soon as possible

3Your pre-registration form is reviewed

Our pre-registration committee reviews all pre-registration forms once a month to make sure they meet the criteria for being accepted. This review could take up to five weeks to complete. The committee is comprised of midwives, general practitioners, obstetricians and administrators.

4How will I know if I am accepted?

We will inform your doctor/midwife if you are eligible to give birth at BC Women’s Hospital. It can take up to five weeks for them to receive this information after you complete your form. You can check with your doctor/midwife if you have been accepted at your prenatal appointment. 

5What happens if I am not accepted?

If we are unable to accept your pre-registration, we will let your doctor or midwife know. They will then contact you and help you arrange to have your baby at one of our partner hospitals close to your home.

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