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Public Cord Blood Donation

Did you know your baby’s cord blood could save a life?
Public Cord Blood Bank

The Canadian Blood Services' National Public Cord Blood Bank collects, processes, tests and stores cord blood units donated which will be available for transplant to any Canadian patient in Canada, as well as patients in need around the world. 

Cord blood stem cell transplants are used for treating over 50 blood related diseases and disorders.  Blood in the umbilical cord and placenta is rich with blood-forming stem cells that can help save the lives of patients with diseases and disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma and aplastic anemia. 

With your consent, Canadian Blood Services (CBS) can collect cord blood when you deliver your baby for the CBS Cord Blood Bank—to be used by anyone who needs stem cell treatment.

CBS video about cord blood


Save a life by donating cord blood

Becoming a parent is a life-changing moment full of promise, joy and a natural share of anxiety. For parents of a sick child, those worries are more intense - especially if that child needs a stem cell transplant to survive. That was what Amy and Mike Lupton had to face when their little Nate was diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency. Finding a cord blood match was the miracle the Luptons had been waiting for. Nate underwent a lifesaving stem cell transplant at just eight months.  

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Your baby's first gift could be a gift of life for a patient like Nate.

Your baby's cord blood contains high quality stem cells that can treat over 80 diseases and disorders.  It may be the only cure for patients, like Nate, fighting life threatening conditions such as leukemia, lymphoma and aplastic anemia. 

If not already destined for other use, the placenta/umbilical cord will be discarded as medical waste.

Through the partnership between BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre and Canadian Blood Service, a new choice is now available to qualifying mothers.  

Give life twice. Donate cord blood.

Approximately 75% of Canadian patients who need a blood stem cell transplant are unable to find a suitable match in their own family and require stem cells from an unrelated donor.  Your baby's cord blood stem cells may be the one match to save a life.
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5 easy steps to donate

5 Easy Steps for Cord Blood Donation

  1. Talk to your doctor, Nurse or Midwife
  2. Download your registration kit or obtain it from your health care provider.
  3. Give signed consent form to your doctor/midwife at your next visit or bring with you on day of delivery
  4. Remember to inform hospital staff of your wish to donate
  5. The cord blood will be collected at BC Women's  by a qualified professional

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