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Patient Experience

Patient Experience is a BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre office that strives to offer supportive, meaningful partnerships with patients, families and their supporters with care and service teams to enable to best experience possible.

Get Involved

Our advisories and networks enable patients and families to participate in varied roles including sitting on committees,  weighing in on policy design or language, cross campus quality improvements, to look and feel of documents. 

These engagement opportunities are always options and participants can be engaged when they wish or not, depending on time or interest.

There are different ways to become involved:

  • Patients as Partners: Patients, families and their supporters are invited to join our network by becoming an e-advisor. E-advisors provide valuable feedback on a number of different projects such as policies, surveys, and general initiatives. 
  • Focus Groups: Patients, families, and supporters may be invited to attend virtual or in-person focus groups to test, consider or try out new systems or technology.
  • Surveys or questionnaires: Throughout the year surveys and questionnaires about patient care or experience are available for completion. Surveys may be completed online, in person, by telephone, or email.

    Become a Patient & Family E-advisor

Other Methods of Patient and Family Feedback:

  • Your Voice Matters:  Patients and families are welcomed to drop in to share feedback and express views with hospital leaders and executives.
  • Comment Cards: Located throughout our inpatient and outpatient clinic areas, comment cards provide us with helpful feedback.
  • Patient Quality Care Office (PCQO): If you have a concern or question about care quality, please contact PCQO at 1-888-875-3256 or by emailing
  • Email Us: Provide online feedback through the Patient Experience office by emailing

What We Do

The Volunteer Resources department provides volunteer support for BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, and BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre. The department is responsible for the recruitment, selection and assignment of volunteers for a variety of patient and service based areas within our facilities.

Our vision is to improve the health of children, youth and women. Our dedicated and vibrant volunteers are highly motivated, highly appreciated, and they are our most valuable resources.

Tel: 604-875-2143
‎To continuously improve patient experience is a priority and responsibility shared by everyone at PHSA. We strive to continuously partner with patients, families, supporters, providers and staff on quality and safety, which is inherent in all we do.

BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre benefits from Patient Advisors, who are responsible for developing, sustaining and evaluating partnership opportunities between patients, families, providers, and staff.

Patient Advisors work in partnership with our staff to plan and implement strategies to ensure active patient engagement. These roles develop and build capacity around partnership strategies, and coordinate existing and new feedback systems on services, support and other planning activities. They also support health care professionals in practicing appropriate and effective interpersonal approaches with patients and families.

C&W Patient & Family Engagement Advisor: 
Katie Olson 
604-875-2345 ext. 3519

NICU Family Engagement Advisors: 
Tom Wiebe 
604-875-2000 ext. 1011

Michelle Peltier
604-875-2000 ext. 8627

Child, Youth and Reproductive Mental Health Engagement Advisor:
Aidan Scott 604-837-1742

‎To continuously improve patient experience is a priority and responsibility shared by everyone at PHSA. We strive to continuously partner with patients, families, supporters, providers and staff on quality and safety, which is inherent in all we do.Patient Experience coordinates and handles all non-monetary donations for BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre.

Patient Experience coordinates and handles all non-monetary donations for BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre. 

Information including what we can and cannot accept is outlined here.

For any questions or requests regarding Non-Monetary Donations, please contact Patient Experience by email or phone 1-844-874-3267, we are pleased to assist.

If you would like a list of toys, games and other items the hospital needs in their play areas and units, please see our wish list.

All staff, programs, departments and external organizations requesting an opportunity to faciliate media events, tours, site visits or access to space requests on the C+W campus must complete this form.

The submission process form will offer more details. Please call C+W Patient Experience at 1-844-874-3267 or email for any assistance with submission or questions relating to this process.

Current Update

We are excited to announce, that we have moved to holding our pandemic-centric pilot launch. During this pilot launch period, we have taken into consideration our occupancy numbers, volunteer availability and how we, as staff, can best support the space during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will be evaluating our pilot period in 3 month increments to allow us to assess our pilot and also to follow any new or updated Public Health orders.

Is the space now open?

Yes; At this time, we are working with a pilot schedule of 4 days a week (Tuesday-Friday) with three blocks of time

available during the day for children to be booked.

The centre’s pilot scheduled available times are:

Blocks of Time for Pilot.PNG

Who the space is for:

We recognize that volunteers who will be supporting the space, will have limited capacity to assist families with
additional needs or support requirements. 

At this time, we require children to be:
  • 3 years of age and up,
  • Toilet trained,
  • Able to feed themselves
Our ratio of volunteers to children during our pilot period will be 1 volunteer for 4 children.

What the space will offer to families:

The centre will provide a safe, short term (up to two hours) play and creative setting for siblings with age-appropriate learning activities such as arts and crafts, board games, movies, video games and quiet spaces to read or rest. 

The centre will also provide a single-serve nutritional snack for children who may wish to have a healthy snack break during their stay.

Sib Ctr photo.jpg


How to book a space:

Families with children who must be on campus can book online themselves, call us to book a space, email us or drop-by the centre to see if a space is available. 

Please note that bookings are first come/first serve and cannot be reserved more than two months from the date of booking.

Please Note: Bookings will be limited to one visit per child, once a day only. This will allow other families on the waitlist, the opportunity to enjoy the space as well

Online Booking Link to

Sibling Support Centre Phone Lines:

Toll Free: 1-855-875-3594

Sibling Support Centre Email:

Where is the centre’s location?

We are located on campus on the ground floor by the connector from BC Women’s Hospital to the Shaughnessy
building, close to the Cafeteria. 

The nearest entrance is Entrance 93, from Women’s Hospital.

Volunteer Navigators are stationed at all entranceways and can assist families in locating the centre.
Our Room number is: 1R.44.C (See wayfinding map below)


Sibling Support Centre Staff

The Centre will be managed and Volunteers supervised by two Coordinators; one full time Coordinator for the Sibling Centre and a 0.5 FTE Coordinator for Volunteer Resources. Each will play an important role in co-designing the operation and work flows for our Volunteers.

 Staff Introductions

Coordinator, Sibling Support Centre:

Rhi pic.JPGWe are delighted to welcome Rhiannon Satherley, to the C+W Patient Experience team as our Coordinator for the Sibling Support Centre.

Rhiannon comes to us from the Mental Health Programs where she was the Coordinator for the Healthy Minds Centre for the last 5 years. With an interest in staff and patient engagement initiatives, she has been involved in organizing campus wide appreciation events, Mental Health Day activities and heading social groups within the Healthy Minds Centre.


With over 20 years of working on the C+W campus, Rhiannon works to frame her interactions with a trauma informed lens and continuously reflects on being open to others and their cultural experiences. Rhiannon is passionate about supporting siblings and their families through the Centre and looks forward to collaborating with community partners.



Deanna Pic.JPGWe are also excited to be welcoming Deanna Viscardi, as Coordinator, Volunteer Resources. She will work to support Volunteer Resources across C&W and provide support and continued co-design with the Sibling Support Centre Coordinator and stakeholders.


Deanna comes to us from the Healthy Minds Centre, where she was the Administrative Coordinator for the Compass Program. Deanna’s interest is in providing appropriate and timely Mental Health services and resources to children and youth who deserve the best care possible, regardless of where they live. Her work has included helping families to support children and youth with mental disabilities and developmental disorders, by providing connections through workshops, life skill services, outreach and supporting community education initiatives. 

Deanna has also worked as a volunteer coordinator, and in her role has helped organize and train volunteers, as well as coordinated resources for organizational, community and outreach events. She has collaborated with local communities to gather volunteers to sponsor and facilitate events and fundraising initiatives. She is proud to be a member of the volunteer resource team at the Sibling Support Centre, and to help provide such an important family service with the support of volunteers. 

Organizational Structure for C+W Sibling Support Centre

The Centre will report into Inter-Campus Operations, which is overseen by Laurence Bayzand, Interim Executive Director for B.C. Children’s & Women’s Hospitals + Health Centres.

Mary MacKillop, Director of Patient Experience, will oversee the Centre’s two dedicated staff, along with management support from Pat Gillis, Manager, Volunteer Resources to Deanna Viscardi.

Org chart.JPG

Onboarding and Orientation for Volunteers  

Approximately 150 Volunteers will be onboarded to create a playful and creative setting, to help reduce the fear and anxiety siblings may experience regarding their family’s hospital stay and to alleviate wait time stressors on families/siblings.


Mural Design

The Centre has work with a local art program, Earth Foundation Conservation Society, to create a welcoming art installation at the entrance of the Centre. You can visit Earth Foundation’s website to learn more about their commitment to working with communities to promote environmental conservation and community beautification through creative, educational programs for youth.


Mural design samples have been circulated for feedback with patients, families, partners and stakeholders and they have helped us to decide on the final imaging.

Mural 10.jpg


Your Voice Matters Feedback Poster

Scan the QR code on your mobile phone camera to complete our virtual comment card.

COVID-19 Patients & Families Tip Sheet

We appreciate patients and families might have questions around what things may look like during this phase of COVID-19 so we have created this Tip Sheet to assist in preparing for your visit.

Patient & Family Guide

This guide is a resource to help patients and families plan for a hospital stay or help navigate while in care or accessing services on campus.

Patient Experience Roadmap 2018-2021
BC Children's and BC Women's Hospitals 

After extensive collaboration with stakeholders, engagement with patients and families and consultation with staff and providers, the C&W Patient Experience Steering Committee has co-designed the Patient Experience Roadmap.

Profiles in Excellence

Patient and family-centered care is at the heart of what we do, every day. To do it well, we engage patients and families in every step of their care.

Check out our Profiles in Excellence for stories about patient and family engagement.

To share your stories of Patient and Family Engagement, email us at

Patient & Family Engagement Framework
Patient & Family Engagement Framework


The Beryl Institute - Improving the Patient Experience

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