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A certified exercise, education and falls prevention program for people who are at risk of fractures and falls.
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What is Osteofit?

What is Osteofit?

Exercise is a proven effective treatment option for people with osteoporosis in combination with medication and nutrition.

  • Exercise can modify some fall risk factors and thus reduce falls in older adults.
  • A physically active lifestyle is associated with a reduced risk of osteoporotic fracture.
Osteofit is BC Women’s certified exercise, education and falls prevention program for individuals with osteoporosis, low bone density or who are at risk of fractures and falls. Osteofit aims to provide safe and gentle exercises for individuals with minimal previous exercise experience.

Osteofit is medically endorsed and based on published research. It was designed and updated by clinical specialists from BC Women’s former Osteoporosis program. Osteofit instructors are specially trained and certified by BC Women’s Hospital +Health Centre.

The goals of Osteofit are to:

  • Reduce your risk of falls and fractures
  • Improve your ability to do day-to-day activities
  • Increase your confidence and independence
  • Improve your quality of life
Many health care providers refer their patients to Osteofit and Get Up & Go! classes however anyone can attend and physician referrals are not manadatory. Routine health screening is conducted at the beginning of the program and depending on an individual's responses, medical clearance may be required. This can be obtained from a physician or nurse practitioner. Participants may also contact HealthLinkBC Qualified Exercise Professional for assistance in completing the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (the PARQ+). The Osteofit instructor will assist the participants with health screening and determining if medical clearance is required. Health Screening and Medical Clearance forms are available here and from the Osteofit instructor.  

Frequently asked questions


It can be frightening to learn you have osteoporosis or low bone density. You might mistakenly think exercise will cause you to fall and break your bones. Research shows that exercise helps to build your muscles, improve mobility and balance and reduces your risk of falls and fractures.

Osteofit has been designed specifically for people with osteoporosis and low bone density who have been inactive and are looking for an introductory exercise program.  

Osteofit is safe and gentle enough not to cause pain or injury, even if you're not used to exercise. Osteofit is safe for individuals for have had spinal or other fractures or who have broken their hip or other bones. 

Osteofit will teach you how to reduce the risk of future fractures and the exercises will strengthen the muscles that support the spine and hip.


Osteofit classes offer a combination of exercise and education in a supportive group environment. Each one-hour class has a low participant-to-instructor ratio and is led by a certified Osteofit instructor.


Each Level 1 class contains an education and information sharing session. Instructors provide the latest information on osteoporosis, falls prevention, nutrition and healthy living.


Osteofit exercises have been chosen by clinical specialists in the former Osteoporosis program for their effectiveness in reducing the risk of falls, decreasing the rate of bone loss, strengthening muscles and improving posture. The exercise portion of an Osteofit class includes:

  • warm-up exercises
  • functional movement
  • agility activities
  • resistance training
  • stretches
  • relaxation

Participants work at their own level in each class.

Exercises can be done seated, standing, or on a mat. Some exercises may involve the use of weights or resistance bands. The low instructor-to-participant ratio ensures each participant receives personal attention and assistance throughout the class.

What to Wear & Bring to Class

Loose-fitting clothing that is not restrictive and comfortable to move around in is best. Your shoes should be sturdy lace-up style with wide soles for good balance. Street shoes are generally not appropriate. 

You do not need to bring anything to class but it is a good idea to bring a bottle of water and a towel for laying on the mat during mat exercises.

Osteofit class levels

Osteofit classes offer two levels of participation:

  • Osteofit Level 1: Introduction to Osteofit exercises
  • Osteofit Level 2: Osteofit ongoing exercise program.
Osteofit Level 1

Osteofit Level 1 is a one-hour class offered twice per week for a minimum of 6 weeks or 12 sessions. Level 1 focuses on introducing participants to exercise with particular attention to proper technique and spine stability through safe and simple movements to improve strength, posture, balance and agility.

Osteofit Level 2

Osteofit Level 2 is the ongoing exercise and education program for graduates of Osteofit Level 1. Osteofit Level 2 is a one-hour class offered twice weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks or 12 sessions. This is a slightly more challenging exercise program to build on the strength, posture, agility and balance developed in Level 1.

Note: for those who would prefer a gentler introduction to exercise or for those with balance and mobility impairments and are not yet ready to attend a community based exercise program, the Get Up & Go! program might be best suited to you.

Get Up & Go! is a collaboration between BC Women's Osteofit and Fraser Health Falls and Injury Prevention. It provides an entry level exercise program for seniors at high risk for falls, for those with balance and mobility impairments, those using mobility aids (canes, walkers and wheelchairs). It is a safe exercise program designed to improve strength, balance and coordination as well as functional ability, independence and quality of life. Contact Fraser Health or telephone 604- 587-7866 for a list of classes and for more information. Get Up & Go! is taught by registered Osteofit instructors.

Advancing Beyond Osteofit

After participating in Osteofit Level 2, some participants feel confident to move on to a more challenging exercise program. Your Osteofit instructor will be able to recommend suitable fitness programs for your age and fitness level.


Osteofit instructors receive specialized training and are certified by BC Women's Hospital &+ Health Centre. Instructors have access to BC Women's clinical team of physicians, nurse clinician, physiotherapist and dietitians who provide on-going support to the program.

Osteofit instructors are required to maintain a high level of competency and re-certification is required every three years. Instructors participate regularly in professional development workshops to maintain their Osteofit certification and to stay current on the latest information about osteoporosis and exercise.


Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and decreased bone strength. This causes bones to be fragile and at risk of fracture, especially the hip, spine and wrist bones. Osteoporosis is often called "the silent thief" because bone loss occurs without symptoms. About 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 5 men aged over 50 will suffer an osteoporotic fracture. Visit the Osteoporosis Canada for more information.

Osteofit is an evidence-based program that is regularly evaluated and updated by researchers and clinicians from BC Women's. We also regularly collect data on program participation, reasons for participation, and whether objectives are being realized. This information translates to direct improvements to the program.



Get Up & Go!

Get Up & Go!

Due to COVID 19, Get Up & Go! classes may have changed or been cancelled. Please contact the facility directly for up-to-date information on class offerings

This adaptation of Osteofit is directed to those with mobility impairments who require walking aids and are at increased risk for falls. Get Up & Go! was developed at the request of Fraser Health Falls and Injury Prevention to assist individuals unable to attend a community based fitness class. It is designed to improve joint mobility, functional strength, balance and coordination in a small group setting. Many health care providers refer their patients to Get Up & Go! but other individuals do not need a referral. Medical clearance may be required. 

Criteria to participate:
  • May use a mobility aid such as a walker, cane, wheelchair or scooter.
  • Must be able to transfer to a chair. If unable to do so independently, a care giver must attend.
  • Must be able to follow directions through verbal or physical gestures with or without the help of a care giver.
  • Not able to safely participate in a community class due to physical and/or cognitive concerns.
  • Must have transportation to/from the class.
  • Must commit to a minimum of 1 session per week for 6 weeks.

Participation fees apply. Contact the facility for registration details.

Get Up & Go! is taught by Osteofit Instructors who have taken additional training. The program can be found in many seniors' centres in the lower mainland, Victoria and Kelowna.
Find a class

Find an Osteofit class

Due to COVID 19, in-person Osteofit classes are just being reinstated and are not yet available at all community centres. Please contact your  local community centre directly for information about current class offerings

Osteofit classes are offered in many local community recreation facilities and seniors' centres throughout BC.

Individual community centres and recreation facilities offering Osteofit classes set the cost of the programs depending on number of participants and number of classes. Please contact the facility directly.

If you do not see your local community recreation centre listed below, contact them directly or ask your family physician or physiotherapist for more information about the Osteofit program near you.

Class locations as of July 2021 
Classes listed are subject to change.


Abbotsford Recreation Centre 604-853-4221

Bolt Fitness  604-504-7560


Bonsor Recreation Centre  604-297-4597

Edmonds Community Centre  604-297-4838

Confederation Senior's Centre 604-294-1936

Cameron Recreation Complex 604-297-4456



Kennedy Seniors Centre 604-594-2717
McKee House  604-946-1411

South Delta Recreation Centre  604-952-3020


Langley Senior's Recreation Centre  604-530-3020

Timms Community Centre  604-514-2940



Lifetime Learners Society 604-820-0220

Maple Ridge  
Maple Ridge Leisure Centre 604-467-7422

New Westminster

Century House 604-519-1066

Sapperton Pensioners Hall 604-522-0280

Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows Seniors Activity Centre  604-457-4771


Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam Community Centre 604-927-7529


Port Moody

Port Moody Recreation Complex  604-469-4556



City Centre Community Centre  604-204-8588 

West Richmond Community Centre 604-238-8400



Guildford Recreation Centre 604-502-6360

White Rock

White Rock Community Centre 604-541-2199

White Rock Leisure Services 604-541-2199

Men ONLY Osteofit class White Rock 604-541-2199


Glen Pine Community Centre  604-927-6940


Richmond City Centre 604-204-8588


Hastings Community Centre 604-718-6222 



Frank Jameson Community Centre  250-245-6424


Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture  250-756-5200


Cedar Hill Recreation Centre 250-475-7121

George Pearkes Recreation Centre 250-475-5400

Saanich Commonwealth Society 250-475-7600

Greendale Community Centre 250-656-7055

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association 250-658-5558



Shoal Activity Centre 250-656-5537

Monterey Recreation Centre 250-370-7300

Panorama Leisure Centre 250-656-7271

Shelbourne Physiotherapy (Gordon Head) 250-595-5858



Lakeshore Place (Contact instructor) 250-215-6612
Sandpointe Club House (Contact Instructor) 250-215-6612

Parkinson Activity Seniors Centre 250-762-4108

Parkinson Recreation Centre  250-469-8800

Rutland Activity Centre (Contact instructor) 250-318-3508

West Kelowna

Heritage Retirement residence (Contact instructor)  250-470-3553

West Kelowna Lions Hall (Contact instructor)  250-470-3553


Greater Vernon Parks & Rec. Centre  250-550-3672
Halina Seniors' Centre 250-545-0585

The Schubert Centre (Contact instructor)  250-470-3553

Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson General Hospital 250-774-8100
Port Alberni
Heritage Place 250-774-3193

Marsh Lake

Marsh Lake Community Centre 867-660-4999


Get Up & Go!

An entry level Osteofit program developed in collaboration with Fraser Health Falls and Injury Prevention for those with mobility impairments.
Classes listed are subject to change.

Note: not all levels of Osteofit are available at each location.


Abbotsford Recreation Centre  604-853-4221


Confederation Seniors Centre 604-294-1936

Bonsor Recreation Complex 604-297-4597


Dogwood Pavilion  604-927-6098


McKee Seniors Centre  604-946-1411


Hope Recreation Centre 604-869-2304


Lakeshore Place (Contact instructor) 250-215-6612


Timms Community Centre  604-514-2940

Langley Seniors' Centre 604-530-3020

St. Nicholas Church (contact instructor) 604-218-4715

Maple Ridge 

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre  604-467-7422


Lifetime Learning  604-820-0220

New Westminster 

Century House  604-519-1066

North Vancouver

Silver Harbour Centre  604-980-2474 


Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam Community Centre 604-927-7529

Port Moody

Port Moody Recreation Complex 604-469-4556

Saanich (Vancouver Island) 

George Pearkes Recreation Centre  250-475-5400


Greater Vernon Parks & Recreation  250-545-6035

Schubert Centre (Contact instructor) 250-470-3553

Victoria (Saanich)

George Pearkes Recreation Centre 250-475-5400

White Rock 

White Rock Leisure Centre  604-541-2199

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