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Complex Chronic Diseases Program (CCDP)

We provide care for patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and symptoms attributed to Chronic Lyme Disease.

The Complex Chronic Diseases Program is excited to announce that we are developing a new model of care to better support our clients. We are changing our current model to increase client accessibility through telehealth, build connections amongst clients, and reduce wait times between appointments. The new model of care will broaden our ability to support clients after they participate in our program and provide resources while they are on the waitlist.

Our new program will focus on offering group based education and self-management support, while continuing to offer 1:1 medical visits. This group education format is supported by client feedback and research. The new model of care will roll out in early 2019. As we develop this new model we will continue to see clients, and will communicate with our current clients about how this change may impact their journey with us. Please check back to the website for updates on our progress.

The Complex Chronic Diseases Program is for people who suffer from the following complex chronic diseases:

Our goal for the program is to provide patient and symptom-centered care with the support of our multidisciplinary team of health care providers. We emphasize that treatment choice takes patient preferences into account, and that self-care is supported as well as treatment. Central to this is the development of partnership in care, and facilitation of patient involvement in assessment and in treatment decisions. 

The CCDP team is an inter-professional team which means it is has members from different professional backgrounds who bring different perspectives and expertise to your care and treatment plans.  All of the team members work together to collaborate with you around your care and treatment plan.

How we partner with you

You need a referral from a healthcare professional for this Clinic. We will contact you with an appointment time.                 Please arrive fifteen minutes early for your appointment.

Virtual Health

The CCDP is excited to announce that in addition to in-person and phone appointments, we can now offer patients the option to attend some appointment types virtually using secured live video-conferencing technology. Click here to find out more.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Care card and picture ID.
  • Name, address and phone number of your primary health care professional.
  • Comfortable clothing and snacks.

Our Clinic is a scent free area

We have a strict scent free policy. We ask that you don’t wear perfume, essential oils, scented deodorant, soap, clothing fabric softener or aftershave at least 24 hours before your appointment.


To become a patient of the program, you must have a completed referral form from your primary health care professional (such as a family doctor, nurse practitioner, naturopathic doctor, or specialist) who will support your daily chronic disease management and follow your ongoing health. If you already have a referral, another one does not need to be submitted.  

We will work directly with your primary health care professional to ensure that they receive information to provide you with the best available standards of care. If you do not have a regular health care professional, we can provide a list of General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners who are accepting new patients.

Cancelled/Rescheduled/Missed Appointments

We understand that living with these complex and chronic diseases means that sometimes appointments need to be changed or cancelled. We will wait to hear from you to reschedule any cancelled or missed appointments. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you are able to commit to the appointments.

Because of the nature of our program and the people waiting for care, we require notice of 2 business days to cancel appointments. If you cancel your appointment within 2 business days it will be considered a missed appointment.

If you miss 3 scheduled appointments during your time in the program, we will not be able to continue to see you in our program. You will require a new referral to rejoin the waitist and return to our program. 

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