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Sexual Assault Service

We provide care to anyone (male, female, transgendered), from any province or country, who is 13 or older and has been sexually assaulted within the past 7 days.
Where to go

If you are 13 or older, and have been sexually assaulted within the past 7 days, go to Vancouver General Hospital's Emergency Department (24 hours) at 920 West 10th Avenue (near Broadway & Oak) or the UBC Hospital's Urgent Care Centre (8:00am-10:00pm) - Koerner Pavilion, 2211 Wesbrook Mall.

Our team of examiners are on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

When you arrive at the emergency department ask for the Sexual Assault Service. 

  • All services are free and confidential.  
  • No Carecard (MSP) is needed.  
  • Bring a friend, family member or support person with you to the hospital. 
  • Interpreters for those who are deaf, or have difficulty with English, are available. 
  • Patients attending the UBC UCC can call the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (604-827-5180) to request a support worker to accompany them 
  • Female patients may arrange for a Women Against Violence Against Womens (WAVAW) worker to accompany them at VGH. Please call 604-255-6344

Our services include:

  • assessment and treatment of injuries and sexually transmitted infections
  • pregnancy prevention
  • forensic sample collection 
  • medical report for police
  • referrals to health, legal, and community-based support services. 

We know that whatever happened, it was not your fault.

If you were assaulted more than seven days ago:

Medical care (for physical and mental health) is available from your own doctor or nurse practitioner, a local community health clinic, walk-in clinics, and youth clinics.

For ongoing counselling support, or questions about the legal system, contact VictimLink.  You may also contact VictimLink by calling 1 (800) 563 0808. 

At UBC, you can contact AMS SASC 604-827-5180

In Vancouver, contact WAVAW. 604-255-6344

Please also see our related services list in the sidebar.


At the hospital

What will happen at the hospital?

When you get to the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital, an emergency nurse will ask you a few questions about your health. Then the nurse will contact the Sexual Assault Service. The nurse will take you to a safe, private room. The Sexual Assault Service will arrive within 45 minutes.

Our specially-trained nurses and doctors will care for you in a safe and supportive environment. We will explain how we can help, and respond to any questions or concerns you might have. We will offer you choices about your care. These choices include a check for injuries, medications for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and/or forensic sample collection. You will decide what you would like us to do, and we will respect your decisions.

What about the police?

At the hospital, we will give you information about your legal options. It is your choice whether or not to report the sexual assault to the police. We will support whatever decision you make. If you choose to report to the police, we can collect forensic samples and summarize our findings in a medical legal report. If the case goes to court, we can testify (tell the court about the medical findings).

After the hospital

What happens after you leave the hospital?

We will give you information about commonly experienced feelings, thoughts, and responses to sexual assault. We will also give you some recommendations for follow-up treatment. If you like, the Sexual Assault Service counsellor will call you in a few days to find out how you are doing and answer any of your questions. 

How you may feel:

Sexual assault is traumatic. You may be in a state of shock and find it hard to believe this really happened to you. Some people do not remember what happened.

You may feel embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, anxious, depressed, angry or numb. Some people have nightmares, difficulty eating or sleeping, or are afraid to go outside. You may also be worried about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, HIV, or injuries. These are common concerns after a sexual assault. You may have other concerns. There is no right or wrong way to feel or respond.

We know that whatever happened was not your fault.

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