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Family Practice Centre

Special Notice: We have moved offsite to the Fairmont Building: 400-750 West Broadway, Vancouver.

The Family Practice Centre is a team of health practitioners that provide full service primary health care. Our physicians, nurse practitioner, dietician, office manager and medical office assistants work together to provide full service primary health care to our family practice patients. 

We are part of the provincial government's Primary Health Care Organization which offers the opportunity for doctors, nurses and allied health care providers to explore new and innovative ways to deliver quality health care. 


To provide excellent health care with compassion, respect, and dignity throughout life. 


  • To meet the needs of our patients using a team of health care providers that ensures open access to care.
  • To collaborate with colleagues within the Family Practice Centre, community health care agencies, and support services to ensure all options are made available to enhance patient recovery, to prevent illness, and to maintain wellness.
  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment that supports the advanced education of residents, medical students, student nurse practitioners and medical support staff.


  • To hear what the patients are saying and facilitate their care with empathy and kindness
  • To be team players
  • To be respectful and treat all team members with dignity, courtesy and understanding of their obligations and to listen to them
  • To realize that the teamwork reflects the image and quality of services provided at our centre
  • To foster an understanding that no part of the system functions alone

Our success depends on unity. We are all accountable and responsible for the results of the Family Practice Centre. Everyone is expected to take initiative and be a leader.

Our core values are in the HEART

H – honesty
E – excellence
A – access
R – respect
T – teamwork

The Family Practice Centre provides a full scope of family practice services to individuals and families living in our community.

How We Work

The Family Practice Centre is part of the Provincial Ministry of Health’s Primary Health Care Organization (PHCO). The PHCO brings physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals together in group practice settings. They take a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care, emphasizing such things as increased access to advice and care, and integration with other community services.

As a PHCO, we are funded with a new form of payment. We are not paid for each medical service provided, instead we receive an annual funding payment for each patient registered to the Centre. This annual payment is reduced significantly if you seek primary care services outside of the Family Practice Centre (hospital emergency room visits and Specialist visits are excluded). For example, if you attend a walk-in clinic, we lose the funding for your future care. After three visits to a physician outside of our practice, patients will automatically be de-registered by the Ministry of Health. 

Registered Patients

Your physician will register you with the Ministry of Health on your first new patient visit. As a registered patient of the Family Practice Centre, you will have access to our entire team of health care providers as well as extended services. Our health care team includes physicians, a nurse practitioner and dietician. Extended services include telephone prescription renewals and medical advice over the phone. 

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Privacy and confidentiality is respected
  • Timely appointments or contact with caregiver
  • Reasonable waiting time and if there are to be delays notification of this
  • Reasonable continuity of care
  • Considerate and respectful care
  • Information about all aspects of your care
  • Partnership with the health care team in making decisions about your health
  • Ability to have a support person during visits
  • Referral when appropriate
  • Access to your record
  • Hygienic environment

What We Expect from You

  • To work as a partner with us and to accept responsibility for decisions about your health care
  • To provide us with accurate information about your health
  • To ask questions if you do not understand some aspect of your care
  • To keep appointments and give 24 hours notice when you cannot attend
  • To commit to obtaining all of your primary medical care from the Family Practice Centre


Clinic Hours 

Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

One of our physicians is available after clinic hours. If you require emergency medical care after clinic hours, dial 604-829-2570.


Call: (604) 829-2570 and pressing 1 for appointments. 
Appointment lines are open:

Mon- Thurs. 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you call during non-peak hours (before 9:30 am or after 5 pm), you may have a shorter wait time to speak with the receptionist. 

The receptionist will ask about the nature of your visit to the physician. This helps us determine the length of the visit required and aids in a more efficient schedule. Please provide as much detail as possible about the need for your appointment to help staff make an appropriate booking.

Prescription Renewals

Most prescription renewals are available over the phone to registered patients. If you require a prescription renewal, contact your pharmacy. The pharmacy will fax us your renewal request and we will call your pharmacy once your physician has approved it. You do not need to contact the Family Practice Centre for your renewal. Please allow 24 hours turnaround time for your prescription renewals.



Family Practice Residents

The Family Practice Centre is a teaching facility affiliated with the University of British Columbia. A post-graduate physician (resident) may be involved with your health care. If you do not wish to have a resident involved with your care, please inform any of our staff.

What is a Resident?

Once doctors complete medical school, they can choose to continue studying a medical specialty. These doctors are called "residents".

What kind of residents do we train?

Our clinic has made a commitment to train those doctors who want to specialize in Family Practice. Occasionally we also train residents in specialties such as general surgery, anesthesiology, etc. In addition, some of us teach medical students, but our main commitment is to train Family Practice Residents.

What is the level of training of the residents?

Our clinic trains Family Medicine Residents in the first year of the two-year program. They begin training at the beginning of the academic year on July 1 each year.

How are residents supervised?

Family Medicine Residents are at a stage of their training where they need to learn from seeing patients themselves. Each resident works under the supervision of a doctor in the clinic. Whether the resident sees a patient solely on their own, or with the preceptor present for all or part of the visit, depends on the knowledge and competency of each resident, the complexity of the patient's problems, how far advanced they are in their training, and the patient's wishes.

Why should I let a resident see me?

As a patient in our clinic and a member of society, you can contribute a lot to the resident's training. You know how you expect a doctor to behave, interact, and treat your condition. Your input into their learning will allow them to become the doctors for the next generation.

In addition, they are fresh out of medical school and can provide up-to-date information and a second opinion about a problem.

Can I refuse to see a resident?

Of course, this is your right. All you need to do is tell the staff when you enter the examination room. There may be some days when do not feel up to it and we understand. However, your participation in their learning process is very welcome and appreciated.

Will my doctor always have a resident working with him/her?

No. Residents work at the clinic for a 16-week continuous block at some time in the year. They also come back to the clinic for a half day per week to allow them to experience how patient problems change over time and to allow them to establish an ongoing relationship with a group of patients.

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