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Letters of Gratitude for Health Care Workers from Grade 4 Students

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BC Children’s and Women’s Hospitals have received letters of appreciation for health care workers from Grade 4 students. During this time of uncertainty with so many people going above and beyond, these letters are an example of the gratitude that the members of the public—young and old—have for all of you working day in and day out during these uncertain times. A sampling of these letters is below.

Appreciation Letter Doctor - Amy_cropped.png

Appreciation Letter to Doctor - Marko_cropped.png

Dear Doctors,

                l go to Elementary in BC. I’m in grade 4.  The reason I’m writing this letter to you is to say thank you for risking your lives to save others and for keeping our community safe and healthy. It must be hard to be a doctor now because of the covid 19.

                The covid 19 is a bad thing because lots of people died from it. Doctors are very important now because they help sick people and stop the covid. I hope the virus ends soon because it’s very boring staying at home and not doing anything and not seeing anyone. Doctors will help us be able to do fun stuff again.

                I have shown my appreciation for doctors by making a lot of noise at 7:00 pm every night outside and by putting up a heart in my window for doctors.  Thank you again for helping the corona virus stop.


Appreciation Letter to Health Care and Essential.png

Doctor Appreciation Letter - Raiden_cropped.png

Dear doctors,

Lots of people admire how hard you are working to keep us safe. You go to the hospital and give medicine to people who are sick. We are very grateful to you. You are helping so many people, and it is helping stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you so much for being so kind. I even got handsewn fabric masks, so doctors can have the right kind of masks to work in. They are sparkly pink and sparkly blue. Only a few weeks ago you would have seen people getting together at the beach, or something like that. Now if you see somebody with their friends, they are probably  facetiming them. Thank you for helping.


Doctors and Nurses Appreciation Letter - Liann_cropped.png

Doctors Appreciation Letter - Ella_cropped.png

Dear Doctor, 


            Hi, I am 10 years old and in grade 4. I wanted to write you a letter to say I appreciate you helping people and working when Covid- 19 is going on. I am thankful that you are helping people that have Coronavirus so it doesn’t spread throughout our Community. You are keeping us safe. It must be hard going to work every day worrying about whether you are going to catch it and spread it to your families. What does your family think about you risking your life to save others? I would feel sad and worried because they have to go to work every day and then they might bring it home to me.

I have never liked going to the doctor because its scary. I am afraid that they will tell me something is wrong with me, but it is a good thing because then they can start getting better. I still don’t like going but I know how important your job is.

I hope you stay safe!


Nurses Appreciation Letter - Neve_cropped.jpg

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